Christmas Order Form 2017

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    Collection Date

    If Turkey is Ordered - £20
    No Turkey Ordered - £12
    Deposits can be paid over the phone or by popping into the shop

    Christmas Food Boxes

    Veg Box for 4 People
    Maris Piper Potatoes 2kg, Parsnips 750g, Broccoli 400g, Carrots 750g, Brussel Sprouts 500g, Leeks 1kg, Red & White Onion 1kg.             £12.00

    Fruit Box for 4 People
    Coxes Apples 1kg, Bananas 1kg, Clementines 8, Large Oranges 4,  Pears 750g, Lemons 2, Medjoul Dates 150g.                                            £12.00

    Salad Box for 4 People
    Babyleaf Salad Leaves, Vine Tomatoes (x5), Celery, Cucumber, Cooked Beetroot, Dressing 250ml                                                                    £12.00

    Trimmings Box for 4 People
    Streaky Bacon 300g, Chipolatas 400g, Washington Wonder Sausagemeat 500g, Cranberry Sauce 227g, 
    Goose Fat 180g, Chicken Stock 400g.                                                                                                                                                                              £20.00

    Our Turkeys, for the seventh consecutive year are sourced direct from Holmansbridge Farm, Barcombe, East Sussex.
    We will endeavour to provide the size of bird requested, but due to the nature of the produce, it may vary by up to 1kg in weight.
    Guide: 5kg up to 6 people; 6kg up to 8 people; 7kg up to 10 people; 8kg up to 12 people; 9kg up to 14 people; 10kg up to 16 people.


    £ per kg


    Specify weight below in Kgs

    Barn Reared White 
    5kg - 11kg

    Barn Reared Kelly Bronze
    5kg - 11kg

    Free Range
    5kg - 11kg

    Turkey Optional Extras

    Meat (supplied by S.K Hutchings, Partridge Green)

    Chipolata Sausage approx. 400g Pack

    Sausagemeat - Washington Wonder approx. 500g pack. (Butcher - Richard Cook)

    Streaky Bacon approx. 300g Pack

    Sliced Ham approx. 280g Pack

    Gammon Off the Bone - sizes 2 - 5kg (please specify weight required)

    £ per Kg






    Other Essentials (state quantities below)

    More Cheeses are available from the Christmas Cheese Order Form

    Order by: Sunday 10th December

    We will do our best to supply the produce you have requested, however in the event that an item is unavailable, then we will replace it with a suitable substitute. Where prices are not stated, they will be at our very reasonable shop prices on 23rd & 24th December.

    Please check your form carefully before sending.  You may wish to print a copy from your browser.
    Once submitted, we will give you a call to take payment.

    Thank you for ordering your Christmas Dinner with us.